Rotocone Vacuum and Tray Dryer

Rotocone vacuum dryers and tray dryers are used for drying and processing various materials in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food. They offer benefits such as low energy consumption, efficient drying, gentle handling of sensitive materials, and customizable features such as temperature, pressure, and agitation control.

Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plant

Liquid oral manufacturing plants are designed for the efficient and sterile production of liquid medications. They typically feature automated processes for mixing, filtration, sterilization, and filling, as well as options for quality control and documentation. These plants can improve production speed, accuracy, and regulatory compliance while reducing manual labor and contamination risks.

Dry & Wet Granulation Machine

Dry and wet granulation machines are used in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries to convert powders into granules for easier handling, transportation, and storage. They can improve flow properties, reduce dust, and enhance product performance. Some machines may also include options for mixing, drying, and coating granules.



Dry and Wet Tablet Granulation Line

Our dry and wet tablet granulation line is designed for efficient and precise granulation of medications. It features a modular design for easy customization and scale-up, high-speed processing, and minimal waste. Our granulation line ensures consistent product quality, regulatory compliance, and increased production efficiency, reducing overall costs.


Sticker Labelling Machine

Sticker labelling machines are designed for accurate and high-speed labelling of glass containers of liquid medications. They can handle various container sizes and shapes. These machines feature a user-friendly interface, precision labeling, and low maintenance requirements. They ensure consistent and compliant labeling, increasing efficiency and product quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Plastic and Alluminum Tube Filling Machine

Plastic and aluminum tube filling machines are used for filling and sealing tubes with various products. They typically feature automatic filling and sealing processes, adjustable filling volumes, and compatibility with different tube sizes and materials. Some machines may also include options for printing, coding, and labeling tubes.


Vial and Bottle Inspection Machine

Vial and bottle inspection machines are designed for quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing. These machines feature high-speed and precise inspection of glass containers for defects such as cracks, chips, and contamination. They reduce human error, ensure product safety, and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Vial & Bottle Washing Machine

We offer Vial & Bottle Washing Machines designed for pharmaceutical manufacturing. These machines use a variety of cleaning methods such as spraying, soaking, and ultrasonic waves to clean and sterilize glass containers. They are designed for high efficiency and are compliant with regulatory guidelines.


Capsule and Tablets Blister Packing Machine

Capsule and tablet blister packing machines are designed for efficient and precise packaging of medications into blister packs. They feature high-speed packaging, accurate dosing, and customized blister designs. These machines can handle a variety of capsule and tablet sizes, reducing human error and increasing production efficiency.


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